• AW_WI_closet.jpg
    Anitque White Walk-in Closet
  • Master Bedroom Walk in Closet, Chocolate Pear Finish
    Large walk-in closet in Chocolate Pear finish will give you lots of storage room.
  • Reach_in_Chocolate_Pear
    Keep all his items organized in this reach in closet in Chocolate Pear finish.
  • Master bedroom reach-in closet
    Sophisticated master bedroom closet flanked by draperies
  • Walk_in_Closet_White_Contour_Edge.jpg
    Walk in closet in white finish with ample double hang storage.
  • Bedroom Loft Storage
    Loft storage using products from our garage line-up
  • Loft Storage Solutions
    Loft storage solutions (inside view)
  • Master Bedroom with Wire Shelving
    Trendy bedroom using our flexible wire shelving products
  • Master Bedroom Walk in Closet, Chocolate Pear Finish
    Large walk-in closet in Chocolate Pear finish will give you lots of storage room.
  • Loft_Wardrode_Style_White_24in_deep_Countour_Edge.jpg
    Wardrobe style storage for your clothes.
  • Reach_in_Closet_White_Contour_Edge.jpg
    Sleek and sophisticated reach in closet in White finish with Contour Edge drawers.
  • Reach_in_Closet_Warm_Cognac.jpg
    Organized closet in Warm Cognac finish.
  • Modern closet with storage compartnments
    Modern closet with compartments for easy storage of small items
  • Walk-in closet with shoe storage
    Deluxe walk-in closet with full height shoe tower and centre island
  • Deluxe Master Bedroom Closet
    Luxurious custom closet designed within the master bedroom
  • Walk-in closet with folding table
    Walk-in closet with a convenient folding table and storage centre
  • His & hers master bedroom walk-in closet
    His & hers master bedroom walk-in closet with full centre island

Master Bedroom

Your master bedroom should be an escape where you can relax and unwind from the hectic pace of life. Your closet should be an extension of that relaxing space. Our closet storage solutions provide optimal ways to organize and store your most useful possessions.

From reach-in to walk-in closets our storage solutions are custom designed to fit your lifestyle and decor. Top quality materials in modern finishes provide you with flexibility and choice. Our fabulous line of accessories provide you with storage to hold everything from your most awkward items to your most cherished items, and we have a custom solution to meet all of your needs. At Elite, we know there is no such thing as too many shoes, so be sure to inquire about our shoe solutions!

Our custom closets are created to provide you with the utmost in functionality and style adding value to your home. With your clothes and accessories at your finger-tips, managing those busy mornings just got a bit easier. Contact us for a free consultation where we can discuss your specific requirements to customize and design a dream closet for you.



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